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Post by cridler » Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:18 am

Dear Wisdens.Org member,

This is just a short note to let you know about our new sister website" onclick=";return false;

Over the past year or so, I have been extremely frustrated about purchasing items from on-line auction sites and by watching who buys the items on such sites it is obvious that a number of us do not use them as frequently as we used to, especially for the big ticket Wisdens. I am not sure why this is, from my personnel experience it is to do with the lack of trust and the increasing number of surprise defects that arrive with my new purchase. I needed to do something about it.

Hopefully, with its custom built interface, can address many of these matters and rebuild a trustworthy on-line Wisden trading environment.

The top 10 features that should appeal to all avid Wisden collectors/sellers are:

1) Easy to understand categories -“ The Year then the Type of Book.

2) Custom built Wisden specific fields that are fully searchable -“ for example on listing a 1950s Hardback, you will be asked about the spine gilt and the hinges but for a 1950s linen cloth these fields are replaced by the bowing to the spine or the quality of the covers. Looking for a 1965 with a mint DJ -“ you can now search for specifically for this!

3) A user friendly webpage that is easy to navigate and easy on the eye.

4) No fees for buyers when buying a book and membership is free & the ability to list a Wisden for free, with a specific end date, including 6 pictures. (9.09% final value fee applies). Reserves are also currently free but must be fair.

5) Sniper control is installed -“ this prevents people piping you to an item at the last minute and should stop all the action being towards the end of the sale.

6) All lots will be reviewed by Wisden collectors.

7) New users and bidding patterns will constantly be reviewed giving buyers and sellers piece of mind, generating a shill free site.

[img]"{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cool.gif" alt="8)" title="Cool" /> All details are held on our secure, encrypted server.

9) Help available any step of the way (you can even reply to this e-mail if needed!)

10) Registration is quick and easy and takes less than a minute. Please go to" onclick=";return false;.

There are currently over 100 lots listed, what would have been catalogue 7, their end dates are staggered across September and October. I have listed some special items to finish each week at 9pm on Mondays, including -“

22nd September: 1940 Original Hardback

29th September: A 1976+ run of Hardbacks

6th October: 1898 Original Hardback

13th October: 1892 Original Paperback

20th October: 1929 Original Hardback

Also listed are

A beautiful 1916 Original Paperback,

A run of 1895 to 1915, selling individually - some rebound, some original, some with facsimile spines.

A run of 1933 to date in softback , selling individually.

Several 1960s & 1970s Hardbacks.

95% of all lots are starting without a reserve at a low starting value. A great time to get involved.

All comments are welcome as this site is built with us buyers and sellers in mind and not shareholders or bank managers.

Built by Wisden people for Wisden People.

Happy Bidding.


Happy Collecting!

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