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James Lillywhite
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Post by James Lillywhite » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:47 pm

Julie and I have had fun selling Lillywhites on

The latest batch we managed to pick up cheap, and whilst these are not the best quality copies, they do include some green lillies and some 1880s reds.

We thought offer these on an auction basis at lower prices to our loyal wisden collectors, so they all start at £10, no reserves with some more to come on at this price too, many end over the next week.

One of the green lillywhite companions is the Lillywhite of the week and starts at 0.01p

Thanks again for buying our Wisdens, Lillywhites and the odd cricket book over the 2 years wisdenauction has been running.

Bet wishes

Keith and Julie ... archtype=0

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