1879 to 1886 Facs Reprints

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1879 to 1886 Facs Reprints

Post by cridler » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:54 am


The contract is signed and soon the pre orders will go out but thought i would give our forum first dibs.

There are 2 things to buy in this run. We are reprinting 150 of the facsimiles that David created 30 years ago , all numbered 1 to 150 , there will be approx 50 box sets of the 8 just like the 4th edition first 15 reprint.

If you buy a box set , you can choose your number :-) the only caveat to that is if a leather collector wants it, that trumps any order but if not requested then it is yours. Numbers 3 & 4 are available for example. (No leathers have these)

The Facs are £125 easily now. That is a grand for 8! The new pre order prices will be

1879-1886 in a nice box set , 8 books post free £480 , individual copies £80 post free
(around £40 and £10 off RRP)

Ready in Summer 2021.

Email me if you want to reserve any.

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Re: 1879 to 1886 Facs Reprints

Post by stevenicks » Tue Mar 09, 2021 1:53 pm

Done Chris
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